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Exotic Parrots Breeders is one of the oldest, best and largest Bird Breeders in the United States. We have one of the largest selections of trained Parrots available with Certified Avian Specialists on staff. Our main goal is to fit the bird with the human. All our parrots are trained and in good health, vet checked and ready for adoption

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Buy Parrots Online from exotic parrot breeders. We offer 315 different birds which we train and feed well. These includes talking, multi-colored and light Colored Parrots ranging from African Grey, Pionus, Amazon, Cockatoo, Macaw parrots etc. Our birds are Potty trained, hand fed, very friendly, veterinary checked and most importantly taught to bond with new families easily by our team of experts. Our Experts also assist our parrots clients both onsite and online on how to handle and take care of their parrots especially if you’re new to this cute birds. We are amongst the number 1 of best parrot breeders and we deliver within the US and across Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia , Middle East and Egypt.

Exotic parrot breeders also allows the documentation of their birds on National Geography Tv Channel. Use Our live chat service and WhatsApp assistant provided at the bottom of our website to seek advice and guidance about this birds.

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Thank you guys so much for my birds.. They are so so playful and very intelligent. I am happy I got the African Grey and the Blue Macaw.
jeanny batson
Very very playful and loving. All my birds are friendly with one another. My kids re so so happy with two more birds at home. Thank you guys.
Foxxy hampston
They Greys are just the very best. I thanks for being so real. I was scared before but my birds got delivered right at my house with enough extra food.
viki venny
Received my bird. I am leaving this review in good faith.. Good pricing and great customer service.. And above all, the birds are lovely and very playful. Thank you so much.
Mathew T
Your african greys are cool. I could not believe the prices. Your prices are excellent. Had to wait 3 days for my bird.. But I was promised 1 day shipping. Bird arrived our home in perfect health condition. I wish there was an option to upload a video.
Tracy M.
Thank you so much. I got the younger Cockatoo. my parrot was delivered right at my door step.. your prices are really goo.. and really excited. thank you once again.
Murphy Caryer
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