Health Guarantee

Everyday Pets and Birds warrants that, at the time of delivery, the bird(s) are in good health, with no symptoms of disease or parasites. We guarantee the bird(s) to be free and DISEASE TESTED negative for Polyomavirus (PVD), Avian Bornavirus (ABV), Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD), and Chlamydia psittaci

Buyer is encouraged to have the bird(s) examined by a licensed avian veterinarian of his/her choice within 7 business days from the time of delivery to verify the health of the bird or birds. If during this period, the bird(s) is/are found to have a condition which affects their health or well-being as determined by the examining veterinarian, Buyer is refunded full purchase price or replace the said bird with another bird of the same specie, sex and approximate age. However, In the event buyer fails to have the bird(s) examined by an avian veterinarian within 7-day period after pickup or delivery, then the buyer understands and agrees that the sale is final and there is no guarantee/refund on the bird(s) anymore.

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