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  • Size: up to 12 inches
  • Lifespan: up to 30 years
  • Bird Species: Macaw
  • Colors: Green with red details
  • Sounds: Vocal, Mimicking, Talkative, Chatterer
  • Interaction: Social, Affectionate, Playful, Funny
  • Comparable Breeds: Cape Parrot, Crimson Bellied Conure

Buy Hahn’s Macaw Parrot For Sale Online

Buy Hahn’s Macaw, these delightful winged creatures are the smallest, most talkative of all macaw parrots, and are cute and goofy pet birds. They are additionally easy to care for, and with their cordial nature brimming with goofs and impersonates, they are a phenomenal decision for a tenderfoot pet parrot. Little, adorable and ridiculous, these characteristic talkers are a heap of fun and are are easy to look after.

Buy Hahn’s Macaw Online

Hahn’s Macaw, scientifically classified as Diopsittaca nobilis nobilis, is a captivating and diminutive parrot species renown for its vibrant plumage and charming personality. Originating from South America, particularly Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia, this striking bird features a brilliant emerald-green body complement by splashes of vivid red on its forehead and wings.

With a compact size and a playful demeanor, Hahn’s Macaw is a delightful companion for bird enthusiasts. Known for its intelligence and ability to mimic human speech, this small parrot forms strong bonds with its owners.

Hahn’s Macaw For Sale Online

Its compact size adds to its charm, making it a popular choice among bird enthusiasts. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Hahn’s Macaw is celebrate for its intelligence and social nature. These birds are known for forming strong emotional bonds with their human companions, displaying a playful and affectionate demeanor. Their inquisitive nature and remarkable ability to mimic human speech contribute to their reputation as delightful and engaging pets.

In addition to their striking appearance, Hahn’s Macaws are characterize by their confident and resilient personalities.

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  1. Silvasajoe

    Absolutely thrilled with my Hahn’s Macaw! Adorable personality, vibrant plumage. The seller was knowledgeable and provided excellent care guidance. A perfect choice for anyone seeking a compact and charming avian companion!

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