Plum Headed Parakeet Parrots


Plum-headed parakeet has a perfect social demeanor, loved worldwide as a pet and family. They are very intelligent, playful and will make your day lovely. Present throughout the Indian subcontinent. They are very fast fliers, and can detect their swarms zooming, twisting, and spinning at high speeds.

Avalability: YES

Specie: Parakeet

Sex: Female

Age: 3 Months

Vaccinated: YES

Tammed: YES

Plum Headed Parakeet Parrots for sale

Buy Plum Headed Parakeet Parrots or macaw is a species of macaw in the family Psittacidae. It is endemic to the Indian subcontinent and was once considered to be endemic to the flower-headed macaws, but has since been elevated to full species. Plum-headed macaws are found in groups, with pink-purple-headed males and gray-headed females. They fly fast with their spins accompanied by their distinctive calls. The plum-headed macaw is a mostly green parrot, 33 cm long with a tail up to 22 cm. Males have a red head that turns blue-violet on the back, nape, and cheeks while females have a bluish-gray head. There is a narrow black collar with black veining underneath on the nape of the neck and a black chin band extending from the lower part of the lower jaw.

There is a red patch on the shoulders and the head and tail are green, the back is white. The bottom corner is yellow-orange and the bottom is dark. Females have a dull greenish-gray head and do not have a black and green neck that is replaced by a yellow one. The upper margin is corn-yellow and there is no black band on the chin or a red patch on the shoulder. Immature birds have a green head and both lower jaws are yellowish. Blackhead is acquired after one year.

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The Plum-headed parakeet are one of many small to medium sized parrots, belonging to several genera, often with long tail feathers. The Australian macaw, also known as the “parakeet”, Melopsittacus undulatus, is probably the most common species of macaw. It was first described by zoologists in 1891. It is the most popular parakeet kept as a pet in North America and Europe. The term “grass macaw” refers to many species of small Australian prairie macaws such as the genus Neophema and the queen parrot. Australian rosellas are also macaws. Many smaller, long-tailed loris can be called “lorikeets”.

Older spellings still sometimes encountered are paroquet or paraquet. In American English, the word parakeet usually refers to the budgerigar. Parakeets comprise about 115 species of birds that are seed-eating parrots of small size, slender build, and long, tapering tails. The budgie (parakeet) is often thought of as a “beginner bird,” however, this social, outgoing little bird deserves just as much care and attention as larger parrots. Budgies are playful, love food and they can rival any parrot in terms of talking ability. The vernacular name ring-necked parakeet (not to be confused with the Australian ringneck) refers to a species of the genus Psittacula native to Africa and Asia that is popular as a pet and has become feral in many cities outside its natural range.

Plum Parakeet parrots Speech and Sound

Parakeets’ noise levels are generally considered moderate. They come in a wide variety of natural calls and squeaks that aren’t too loud or repetitive. Like Alexandrine macaws, they will also learn to imitate some basic sounds or words, although this is not their specialty. But with their intelligence, they always love to learn new tricks. Trying to teach them new words is encouraged. Today we are offered a selection of commercial seed mixes and pellets specially designed for this Plum-Headed parakeets. These blends provide a varied diet rich in seeds, millet and sometimes nuts. It’s a solid base that you’ll want to supplement with some fresh fruit and greens, or even cooked rice or chicken. Need to provide clean water daily as well as wash dishes regularly.


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