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Blue Headed Pionus Parrot is one of the rarest birds in the pet parrot world! The South American Pionus parrot family is a diverse and distinct species. One of the best known is the blue-headed parrot, a unique, affectionate and lovely bird often considered a great companion parrot. While at first glance they may seem to have some similarities with Amazonian parrots, they are completely different birds.

  • Size: 12 inches
  • Lifespan: 25-30+ years
  • Bird Species: Pionus Parrot
  • Colors: Green & blue details
  • Sounds: Quiet, Talking, Mimics, Natural calls
  • Interaction: Social, Affectionate, Fun, Calm, Docile
  • Comparable Breeds: Hyacinth Macaw, African Grey Parrot

Blue Headed Pionus For Sale Online

Blue Headed Pionus parrot: We should meet one of the more uncommon birds in the pet parrot world! The South American group of Pionus parrots is assort and unmistakable animal categories.

Extraordinary compare to other known about them is the Blue Head Pionus Parrot, an exceptional, warm, and a pretty wing animal, regularly commend as a fantastic pet parrot.

In spite of the fact that, from the outset, it appears to be that they share a few likenesses with the Amazon parrots, these are completely various fowls.

In any case, regardless of being a generally obscure variety, these fascinating parrots have been consistently getting increasingly more mainstream as pets.

The Blue Head Pionus parrot isn’t frequently observe as a pet, yet their astounding characteristics have guarantee an ascent in prominence.

More about them

The Pionus, in general, is known to be a quiet, easy-going, slightly-standoffish, mid-size parrot. In truth, these descriptions are based on comparisons to the more commonly kept parrot species.

Compare to the Amazon, conure and macaw, the Pionus Parrot is indeed quiet.

But Pionus lovers tell a different story — their birds are affectionate (though not complete love sponges), quieter than other parrots (though not silent!), and they are attentive and sweet.

As with all parrots, the way a Pionus is raise by its human guardians makes the difference between a shy bird and a great companion.

A Pionus owner should be ready to spend a great deal of time with their bird. In a home with other louder, more demanding birds, the Pionus may not get the attention it requires.

In general, the Pionus parrot makes a great family bird, and isn’t prone to being a “one person” bird, though this varies by individual.

Even though the Pionus parrot bite isn’t as formidable as the Amazon’s or the cockatoo’s, unsupervise children shouldn’t be allowed to play with the Pionus, or any parrot for that matter.

Pretty Blue Headed Pionus Care and Feeding

In the wild, these parrots have a varied diet that consists of fruits, seeds, and grain. The Guava fruits are their favorites.

For a good pet diet, you should look for a commercial seed based mix designed for Pionus or Amazon parrots. These mixes contain all the varied and necessary nutrients and vitamins.

They are often not enough, so you’ll want to add a staple dose of fresh fruits and vegetables. Oranges, bananas, apples, cabbage, and carrots are some of the favorite snacks for large parrots and they are a good source of proteins.

Pionus Health and Common conditions

In terms of health, with Pretty Blue Headed Pionus, you have nothing to worry about. These sturdy and strong parrots are very adaptable and have a strong health foundation.

Just give them full attention and eliminate all potential threats such as drafts and wet places, extreme temperatures and neglect.

In addition, regular bathing, socializing, and free-flying are the cornerstones of your parrot’s good health.

Blue Pionus Personality and Behavior

Generally, the Pretty Blue Headed Pionus is a big, affectionate, and calm bird. They don’t like any overly energetic playing like cockatoos for example, but simple, calm petting and playing with toys are sufficient entertainment.

There’s a tendency to create deep bonds with a particular person, and this can last for a long time. With their moderately calm and docile temperament and a lifespan of up to 40 years.

These parrots can be a great pet for singles or anyone who is looking for a temperate, sweet parrot who is easy to care for.

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  1. wetapedesmon

    The Blue Headed Pionus Parrot is a captivating beauty with its vibrant blue head and gentle demeanor. Its delightful personality and melodious calls make it a cherished addition to any bird lover’s home.

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